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קרדיטים: מורן גולדשטיין הפקות | צלם: רוי בר | צלמת אירוע פרטי: נועה ברנט רגעים בתנועה | מוריה הפקות | נועה שרביט: צילום סטילס והנחיית קבוצות

The rolling hills, open skies, and canopy of stars provide the perfect setting for your celebration,

gathering, or special milestone. Host Your Event at Manduma and enjoy magical desert moments.

Manduma offers an air-conditioned and cozy event center, warm and inviting décor, an outdoor patio, fire elements for heating or campfire seating, and a spacious kitchen equipped for various events. A dedicated and stylish bar, natural spaces with power outlets, and logistical support for your event needs are also available.

Our unique bathing complex provides an inspiring desert spa experience that can be incorporated into your event.

We welcome you to host your family events, unique gatherings, corporate events,

management conferences, or any reason for celebration.

For information and booking please call- 050-3337056

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