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 About Mand'uma 


Among the hills of Mount Negev, near Mitzpe Ramon, is a wonderful space

Mand'uma - a place for workshops, healing processes, and hosting individuals,

couples and families.​

Mand'uma - an Arabic word that describes a system of mutual relations.

A space that beats different rhythms that sustain and support each other.​

In the heart of the place is the hospitality center, Khan, a space in the shape of a horseshoe that faces the desert and allows lodging, accommodation, workshop complex,

professional and fully equipped kitchen and seating areas, two private

accommodation units, a practice studio, and a complex of baths and toilets.​

At the end of the farm, there is a glamping complex - luxury tents.

The complex hosts groups that request he full nature experience with excellent accommodation conditions.

We invite you to contact us, come and breathe the mountain air with us.

About The Farm

Manduma has come to life in the ״Derech Eretz Farm- a loner’s farm on Road 40, near Mitzpe Ramon.

The farm cultivates tourism and agriculture side by side, supporting each other.

The farm resides in a wadi amongst the hills of flint and limestones, creating a colorful and inspirational visual movement. The natural-material accommodation complexes echo the desert's movement,

fostering an experience of peace and flow during the visit.

With our own hands and the hands of talented and good people, we have built, created, and wove together the entire accommodation complexes and agriculture areas. 

We live on the farm and host anyone willing to surrender to the "time of the desert”.

Next to the accommodation complexes, you will find a workshop space, children’s laughter,

free-ranged chickens, and our daily desert life.

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The Vision

At the heart of the desert, where half of the scenery is the sky and the other half is land, we have created

a space for people to connect to their roots and fly like birds.

A space that grants people peace and quiet. To observe without wanting. The ability to rest and simply be.

Whether seeking a rest over the weekend, a quiet stay for silence and cleansing during the week, for a celebration or commemorate a special moment in life,

Mand'uma is a foundation and platform for diverse moments and needs.

Everyone receives a space for healing and for celebration.

In Mand'uma, we aspire to create an experience of connection with the desert’s nature, together with a pleasant and accurate experience.

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For information and booking please call 08-6684888

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