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desert vibes

Nestled near Mitzpe Ramon, among the hills of mount Negev, lies a wonderful retreat.

Mand'uma is a place of workshops, healing, and hospitality for individuals, couples, and families.

"Mand'uma" (Arabic for a system of mutual relationships) is a space that beats

different rhythms, to sustain and support each other.

The heart of Mand'uma is the Khan, a horseshoe-shaped hospitality complex facing the desert. The Khan offers lodging, workshops, a professional kitchen, and relaxation areas.

Private units, a practice studio, and bath facilities are also available.

At the edge of the farm lies a glamping complex- luxury tents within the desert landscape. Our glamping tents offer a luxurious getaway in the heart of nature.

אירוח בחווה


We invite you to wake up to a stunning sunrise and enjoy a magical sunset. Breathe the morning clear air and enjoy the desert hills in the twilight of the day.


You are invited to slow down and immerse yourself in a pleasant and seamless hospitality experience. One that allows a connection to the surrounding desert,

farm life and peace within.

More on the Farm

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